Samia Khan's Life Story

Samia Khan is a recovering TV journalist and multi-hyphenate content creator who is developing Khanflicted, a scripted half-hour comedy series based on her real life experiences as a 28-year-old Pakistani-American who moves to Arizona (yes, Trump's favorite state) to work on-air for FOX (yes, as in News) in an effort to escape her life in LA.

Aside from providing on-air commentary on a daily basis in Arizona the last three years, Samia also performed stand-up comedy in Phoenix as an outlet to share her unfiltered point ofview.

After years of being asked "What's THAT like?" (no one ever wanted to explicitly say "a Muslim working for Arizona?!?), Samia took it upon herself to write her perspective into comedy material which in turn influenced the Khanflicted pilot.

Prior to taking the job at FOX, Samia was in LA creating and developing comedic content. In 2013 she co-created #Instacurity, a webseries and "movement" that satirically examined society's obsession and dependence on social media and the validation that comes with likes and followers. She wrote, produced and starred in more than a dozen sketch videos. The series was featured by TIME, Mashable and Good Morning America, among others, and a few videos even co-starred Issa Rae.

In 2014, Samia was selected to take part in the inaugural writers workshop put on by ABC and the Muslim Public Affairs Council based on her spec script for New Girl. MPAC joined forces with Tim McNeal and the diversity team at ABC to put on the writer-focused workshop.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Samia received a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism and spent her early career working in traditional local newsrooms before transitioning to entertainment. She completed long-form improv training at the Upright Citizens Brigade, studied sitcom writing at UCLA and took acting classes at both Scott Sedita and Margie Haber’s studios.


Are Samia Khan and "SK" the same person?

Samia created "SK" by examining her own personal quirks/faults/annoying habits. She then heightened those traits and attributed them to this character who she says is a younger version of herself.

I'm not following.

Samia is who the creator is in real life. "SK" is the alter-ego (the character you will get to know on-screen and via blog.)

Why did Samia quit her job at FOX?

She wanted to be closer to her parents in California.