Be Realistic With Yourself

Hello My Loyal Readers (i.e. mom and two close friends) –

I have to spend this week using my creative energy towards other things, so instead of an essay as this week’s blog post, you will get a poem I wrote last summer (I do have the same birthday as Maya Angelou, remember?)

Hoping to get back to essays and storytelling blog posts by next week, but I want to be realistic with myself and my obligations, so…no promises. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this week’s lesson:

Be aware of what’s happening in your life and adjust according to your capacity to do things, be realistic with yourself and your own capabilities, less is more…never oversell and underdeliver…and…figure out who you share a birthday with and just copy their career trajectory? (So I guess it’s this, or becoming Ironman.)

Find Yourself

She gets lost,
Just to find her way back.
She gets high,
Just to lessen her tact.
She gets hard,
Just to soften the blow.
She gets quiet,
Just to waken her soul.
– 💜SK

Recommended Listening: Cheat Code feat. Demi Lovato No Promises

It’s so easy to fall for each other
I’m just hoping we catch one another
Oh na na, just be careful,
Love ain’t simple,
Promise me no promises

(As in…my intention is to return to Inner Voice-style blog posts next week, but…no promises. Anyway. Enjoy the poem. I’ll see you guys next week.  –💜 SK)


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