Lesson: Sometimes Life Happens

My body is in pain. Specifically, my lower back. A distracting level of pain that makes it such that I cannot write my intended “America” blog post for today.

Why am I in pain? Because as I was doing my regular Fresno to LA drive today, a not so regular thing took place – another vehicle injured my Eos. Yes. My dear Eos, my favorite material possession.

So that blog will have to wait. Because…I just know that I’m in pain. And can’t think much right now. Good night.

Recommended Listening: Something Corporate Konstantine

And if I hurt you
Then I’m sorry
Please don’t think that this was easy

(The song has been playing in my head for some reason. I guess I relate to the female Konstantine character in some ways. Wait. KHANstantine! I can’t believe it took me 18 years to come up with that. Anyway. Song is the worth the 9.5-minute listen. Enjoy. I’ll see you guys…maybe sooner than next week? Maybe not. – 💜SK)