No one teaches you about the “real world” in school (they just make sure you have cursive down and your multiplication tables memorized.) The reality is that Life itself is always teaching you lessons, and it took me three decades (and learning the hard way) to properly recognize that (better late than never, right?)

As a professional storyteller, my intention is to use humor to share those lessons.

I believe our early 30s is a “second coming-of-age” for the millennial generation. Whether you’re an ambitious, not-yet-married type, a struggling human trying to redefine herself, or a 90s baby who just wants an ‘older sister’-like friend…whoever you are, I hope my journey is relatable (or at the very least, makes you laugh or helps you pass time while quarantined.)

millennial writers

As I continue on this path of self-exploration, I’ll reflect on moments in my life that took place last week, last year, perhaps even the last decade. Sometimes I’ll write about ideas or thoughts (and sometimes, I might write about you. I do love Taylor Swift, after all.)

Ultimately, I hope that whatever I write adds value to the reader in some way. But…I don’t want to ‘define’ this blog too early. Because what if, just like all of us, it changes? I don’t want the blog to have an identity conflict. That would just be ironic.

— 💜 SK