Everything is OK

Everything is OK.

That’s all there is to say.

There’s nothing left to add.

Nothing’s ever quite that bad.

I think the first four lines of this blog post just rhymed. Another poetic revelation, it seems (thanks, Maya Angelou’s spirit.)

Basically, anything seemingly bad or chaotic or stressful should be seen as OK.

“OK” is the most accurate way to describe anything, if you think about it.

Why? Because whatever “it” is, it will always change. So why be unnecessarily stressed? (Or unnecessarily excited?)

That feeling of bad or chaotic or stressful (or even amazing or wonderful)?

It won’t last forever.

OK is neutral. It keeps things in perspective. It won’t ever change.

Basically, this is my version of the saying “this too shall pass.

(But for all situations – because “this too shall pass” is often used in situations that are seemingly negative. Good things “shall pass too” – so really, everything’s all the same. Because it all passes.)

Everything is OK.

And maybe I just need to believe that today.

And maybe I’ll go back to being “SK excited” one day.

But for now I like viewing everything as OK.

(It’s simpler that way.)

Recommended Listening: Ben Lee Everything is OK

Everything is okay
Even when it’s not
And it’s okay
We took the long way
We took the wrong way
And now we’re headed home

(I Googled ” ‘everything is OK’ song” – assuming there must be a song with that title -and this was the top result. It instantly felt right; lyrically fitting and I love the combination of vocals and a simple instrument. Enjoy. I’ll see you next week. -đź’śSK)

P.S. I had this “everything is OK” revelation while in the state of…OK. Clearly, OK’s purpose was to remind me that everything is (or would eventually be) OK.


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