Do You Trust Me? (A Lesson in Intuition)

“Do you trust me?”

Yes, the line made famous by Aladdin is one I highly recommend we all ask frequently.

No, not a question we pose to someone else.

But rather, a question we ask ourselves.

It’s a question, I feel, that can help solve any and all inner conflicts.

Because when you pose that question to yourself on a daily basis, and you can truthfully answer yes every time, you know that any other question or decision life throws at you (or any intuitive hunch that seems random) will be informed by that absolute inner truth – that you yourself know best.

And that is the most important life lesson of all.


(Yep, I started with the advice/lesson this time around)

Earlier this year, in the midst of quarantine life, I was thinking about simplicity and life before technology and how for centuries everyone just lived without technology, just surviving. This train of thought eventually led me to think about the FOX show The Last Man on Earth. (Most of mankind wiped out by a virus; as far as Will Forte’s character is concerned in the show’s first episode, he’s the last man left on earth – until he meets other survivors. The year is 2022. Um. Life imitating art? Eeek. Let’s hope not.)

I started thinking as if my life was that of Will Forte’s character (or simply a person who lived thousands of years ago.) If nothing else existed, there was no need for an impressive job, no outside influences on your life or choices, what would you do? If you couldn’t get a second opinion on what to do at any given moment (and you had no human or Google to pose a question to), yet had to just exist, what would your interests be? How would you act? Who would you ask?

And with those questions in mind, I was reminded that we all just instinctively know things about ourselves and how to survive – without fully knowing how we know.

Yep – that’s our intuition. And it’s there for a reason.

Think about it – for thousands of years society has existed and thrived without access to excessive amounts of technology (i.e. Google.) Wouldn’t it be safe to believe that we are naturally wired in such a way to actually handle life and all the questions and conflicts and decisions and choices Life throws at us?

Why the self-doubt? Because other people’s opinions are there? And they speak with conviction, making you believe that their beliefs – what may be right for them – is right for you, too?

We’re all wired differently. And we need to approach life as such. The issue is though, that no matter how much someone knows you, they only know as much of you as you’ve allowed them to see. So even if their advice is genuine and sincere, it can never be taken at 100 percent face value, because they don’t have all the same experiences you do.

(Lets say your life experiences are ingredients in a pantry. And you want to make a cake. And you take out 3 of the ingredients and put it on the counter. And someone comes to make the cake but only has access to those 3 ingredients – even though the cake requires 6. You aren’t going to end up with a good-tasting cake. Does this analogy make sense? Sigh. I tried.)

Your intuition is your inner guide – it’s the only source in your life that has access to your full pantry.

Why give Corentin V. on Yelp (or a random article you found on Google, or your friend or family member) power over answers you should innately know? Why allow an outsider to bake a less-than-ideal cake?

Once you block out the noise – sit in silence, detach from outside influence, clear your thoughts – the answers are there.

Life is beautifully orchestrated in such a way that everything works as is. There’s no need to complicate things if you just listen to yourself.

And the only way you can truly listen to yourself is if, well, you trust yourself (hence my suggestion for daily Aladdin-like “do you trust me?” self-questioning. It’s a daily mantra/prayer prerequisite before becoming fully intuitive.)

Once you truly believe this and know it’s true, then – there really is no need to rely on outside influence. Friends, family, Google, Yelp – yeah, sure, those are good consultants if you’re brainstorming, or need a second set of eyes to confirm your intuition, but if all those sources didn’t exist (yes like if you were the Last Man on Earth) – what would you do? Who would you consult?


Recommended Listening: Rihanna Birthday Cake

He want that cake, cake,
Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

(Not thematically fitting with the intention of the post, but it works for my analogy. And now it’s stuck in my head. Sigh. Enjoy. I’ll see you guys next week. – 💜SK)

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