Our Approach

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Our Story

Khanflicted is a series that uses comedy to examine issues that challenge a traditional Muslim identity, exploring topics such as morality, cultural expectations, internalized racism, religious shaming, sexual oppression and mental health ignorance, while also taking on social and political issues making news headlines in an environment filled with personalities that have conflicting points of view. As the series progresses, viewers will watch as SK finds common ground with people in spite of their differences.

Samia Khan is an example of 90% of Muslim women raised in US - living double lives, torn between cultures and faiths. Contrary to the headscarf-wearing, politically active female figures that are so often featured by the mainstream media (sorry Linda Sarsour), SK represents a truth that many people can identify with. Feeling guilt and conflict, a byproduct of wanting to pursue your desires and yet not wanting to disappoint your parents or God. When “shame” is used to dictate how you live, you can never truly live.

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